Our Mission

      Weihai Roda Import & Export Co., Ltd., was founded in end of 2009, Roda Textile Division was fouded in October of 2011.Our main business is woven and knitted products, hats, scarves, socks and cashmere products. Over 45 great suppliers and manufacturers support us to become one of the largest companies in self-operated export business in Weihai City. 

     Helping Western customers with purchasing management and design in Asia has always been Roda’s main business. Our clients include the world’s leading retailers, world-renowned brands and Fortune Global 500 companies. Also, it includes some overseas small and medium-sized retailers, brands and importers, as well as overseas E-commerce companies, social media sellers (such as TikTok). In the past 14 years, Roda has maintained good cooperative relationship with more than 350 overseas customers around the world. Provide customers with a series of value-added service such as market research, product development and design, procurement services and management, packaging design, product testing and quality control, international logistics coordination, procurement financial service and so on.

About Us

                   Woven Garments                
                    Knitted Garments                
                    Children's Wear